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Imagine… a kinder world with less stress, more love, joy, cooperation…. healthier, safer, happier!   You can help create this reality.  

Imagine a group connecting heart to heart, spirit/minds focused in unison on a regular basis – putting out a frequency like a heart beat, a pulse of life.    Imagine you grew from the process… and that it made a difference on the planet.   And, realize that what you give out comes back multiplied.

Each and every group meditation is designed  to help YOU peal away another layer – to help you increase your ‘light’ and take you to a new deeper level each meeting. Experience a deeper clearer inner core connection to source…

We are all one humanity living on space ship earth.    As we connect hearts and minds…healing takes place; allowing for more joy and happiness individually and collectively.   Remember:  ‘What you put out comes back to you multiplied!”

Together we can help transform the world and create more balance and harmony with ourselves. Each meeting we present a different theme for YOUR success and empowerment as we move through the years, growing our community, each growing to be the best we can be. Grow your light and share it.

We encourage LIVE PARTICIPATION; Recordings of the best channeled programs are available for various prices on the archive page.

If you need help in starting or sustaining your daily meditation practice, please to start with “The Art of Meditation: a fifteen day challenge” by JacQuaeline

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Be a part of the solution.

Invite your friends from all around the world. This is YOUR world.

So far – Callers from:
Los Angeles/CA, Vancouver/BC/Canada, Miami/FL, Tokyo/Japan, New York, Washington State, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Arkansas, New Mexico, Tucson/Arizona, Phoenix/AZ, Boulder/Colorado, North Colorado, Switzerland, New Jersey, Montreal/Canada, Oregon, Toronto/Canada, Seattle/Washington, Long Beach/CA, Santa Barbara/CA, Palm/CA, Springs/CA, Las Vegas/NV, Austin/Texas, Staten Island, Kansas City, New Orleans, Chicago/IL, San Francisco/CA, Dallas/Texas, Mesa/Arizona, Santa Fe/New Mexico, Orlando/Florida, Escondido/CA, Kauai/HI, Vancouver, BC/Canada, Ashville/NC,  Oakland/CA, Woodland Hills/CA, Houston/TX, Asheville/NC, Erlanger/KY, La Crescenta/CA, Denver/CO, Huntington Beach/CA, Sacramento/CA, Santa Monica/CA, Sedona/AZ, Euharlee/GA, Karachi/Pakistan, Ephrata/WA, Midtown Los Angeles/CA, Northrdige/CA, Newark/NJ, Calhoun/GA, Eau Claire/WI, Modesto/CA, Quebec/Canada, Kauai/HI, Maui/HI, Sacramento/CA,San Juan/Puerto Rico, Boise/ID, Carmel/CA, Encinitas/CA,  Chicopee/Massachusetts, Kihei/HI,   Watford, Hertfordshire/UK, Mundelein, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Palm Springs/CA, Melbourne Victoria/ Australia,

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