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Co-Create a Better World – Global Healing/Activation Meditations via Phone or Skype .  Join in & Make a Difference!

 Join JacQuaeline as she guides the group to a special place in awareness where you may experience a conscious alignment with oneness, enlightenment, clearing and healing.  Release daily stresses, fears, issues as you breathe in harmony with the group from far away places.  Each meditation lasts approx. 15 minutes in length followed by 15 minutes Q & A with JacQuaeline)

Event Calendar 2017 – every New Moon & Full Moon

Dates and times listed further down this page.

 Sunday, 3/26/17 @ 5pm Pacific
CALL IN Phone#:  1-712-832-8300, code: 34543#

Everything is energy. Financial Contributions based on your ability to care & share. What you put out comes back to you multiplied. Set your intention, do it with love. 

Thank YOU for a generous  DONATION.

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$3      $9      $22     $55
 Thank you for your generous contributions!

Also see our recordings of past subjects … recorded meditations.

December 25 Full Moon
Dec 25 @ 11:30 am – 12:00 pm

Approx a 15 minute guided meditation by JacQuaeline followed by Q & A or OPEN DISCUSSION.

Astrology/Astronomy:  Full Moon in Cancer/ Sun in Capricorn – details will be covered on live call.

Call or skype: 1-712-832-8300, access code: 23432#

Thoughts ARE things!    Thank you for sharing this with friends around the globe..social media!   With your help we truly make a difference.   The life on this planet needs our help NOW!  Thank YOU!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – its about BALANCE @ phone or skype 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#
Mar 23 @ 5:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - its about BALANCE @  phone or skype 1-712-832-8300, code 23432# | Suffolk | Virginia | United States

This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Wednesday is going to pack a punch – its about BALANCE. (Moon in Libra)  When we study the nature and relationship of the heavenly bodies, we can gain insights and get our thumb on the pulse of what’s going on and how to best prepare or cope.  Either way, a group meditation with focus can make a huge difference for you AND for your community and the world at large.  And, if it did make a difference, wouldn’t you agree that 15 minutes relaxed guided group meditation in the comfort of your own space – wouldn’t that be worthwhile?  (Say YES!)

time:  5:15pm Pacific  (8:15pm Eastern Time Zone)

Call in:  1-712-832-8300, code: 23432#

Call in promptly and be ready to go deep with this group guided meditation.  (the process is usually 15 minutes.

Looking forward to having you join us!   JacQuaeline

New Moon in Aries focuses on “I AM” @ call/skype: 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#
Apr 6 @ 5:15 pm – 6:00 pm
New Moon in Aries focuses on "I AM" @ call/skype: 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#

Wednesday night we gather again on the phone 1-712-832-8300, code 23432# (be prompt) in order to do some healing for each other via the group energy.  And as we share this energy, even though we are miles or countries apart, there is a Synergy that amplifies our individual efforts. Think of a group all coming together, each holding a candle.  The group candlelight becomes brighter than each single candle.

Please share this invitation to others you know.  The more folks like yourself who join – the more powerful it will be.

Aries New moon is about the “I AM” presence.  Think, imagine the highest presence of light, love – God presence.  This evening is a powerful time to consciously set intentions for yourself, your community, the elements and planet earth herself.   Together we will tap into a powerful focused wave of energy.  We can use these moments to tap into a divine wisdom space.  Guided Program is 15 minutes but please allow 30- 40 minutes for the entire program.  Lead by JacQuaeline, spiritual Teacher, Professional Clairvoyant, Success Coach for Executives and Visionaries.

Meditation & You – 90 minute Intensive Training
Apr 16 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Meditation & You - 90 minute Intensive Training

Meditation & You    90 min program

Do you have a regular meditation practice?

Is it time to explore how to take it to a new level?

Learn how to personally assess your meditation –

the length of time, process, frequency, duration.

This will be a very fast paced, inspiring, information

packed program by ‘JacQuaeline’.  To register, send

an email with subject line:  Meditation Class 4-16.

Send this to  JQ3@intuitionpower.com   JacQuaeline

will respond with more details and the workbook.

Class will also come with studio produced meditations

for you to have additional follow up to help you create

a deeper practice for greater inner strength, stability,

heart centered focused awareness and perspective.

Now is the time for greater inner strength.

Join me, JacQuaeline, Saturday April 16th.

Via internet…

details available,

email:  JQ3@intuitionpower.com

with subject line:  Meditation Class 4-16

Thank you so much.

class is by donation. Personal questions encouraged


SPECIAL Full Moon – Wesak Festival April 21 @ call 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#
Apr 21 @ 5:00 pm

This may be one of the most important full moon meditations of the entire year. The WESAK Festival is always during the full moon in May. (4/21/16)  Its the celebration of ‘the Buddha’ and in short – its the energies that aid the shift of bringing enlightenment to the planet and all its inhabitants. Join in live as I help create an energy link – mind to mind/ heart to heart.  Synergy: the individual and the groups’ energy is enriched. The Buddha and the world teacher or the Christ energies come together at the point in time. For more details on this special esoteric event, I’ve listed here a link to a 13 minute video to give you more details on Wesak.

Do join me live at 5pm pacific/ 8pm eastern or by recording as soon as you can.  the end of the program will, as usual, be followed by Q & A with me, JacQuaeline.  https://www.lucistrust.org/productions/videos/view/wesak_video

We will start the program with this invocation:

The Great Invocation (adapted version)
From the point of Light within the Mind of God        Let light stream forth into human minds.      Let Light descend on Earth.    From the point of Love within the Heart of God   Let love stream forth into human hearts.    May the Coming One return to Earth.      From the centre where the Will of God is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men-        The purpose which the Masters know and serve.      From the centre which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out        And may it seal the door where evil dwells.        Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.    OM

Today, April 21st is a special world wide gateway to the energies of enlightenment. Donations accepted:  see the link on the page.  www.aglobalexperiment.com/meditation/calendar

Friday May 6 New Moon – A Global Meditation @ call in # 1-712-832-8300, Code: 142536#
May 6 @ 5:15 pm – 6:00 pm
Friday May 6  New Moon - A Global Meditation @ call in # 1-712-832-8300,  Code: 142536#

This New Moon – Connect your inner core with nurturing abundance/ mother earth essence.  You don’t need to be ‘a hippy earth mother’ to allow empowering Intuitin Power and mother nature to flow with you and through you.    Men and women alike will benefit by attending this 15 minute guided program.  Intentions direct outcomes.  Nurturing energy is also sensuality – time to up the yummy factor in a safe, respectful manner.  Live events will give you an added bonus of discussion plus personal Q & A with JacQuaeline.  

call in # 1-712-832-8300,  Code:  142536#

Cost to participate:  The more you give the more you get.   Financially challenged can share in social media… offer to volunteer, minimum suggested link is only $3 to $55.   When you join in you’ll feel something special.  JacQuaeline knows how to activate people’s heart and balance their energy fields as she walks you and the group (collective conscious group) into a synergistic blend where all individuals are dramatically added to.  Its all ‘light work’, healing, activating and balancing.  There is value here.  leave a donation:  http://www.aglobalexperiment.com/meditation/calendar

How could your life benefit by having more nurturing support from the world?   Where could your life use more nurturing, more support, more love?   This is what JacQuaeline will cover in this New Moon Meditation event.  Donations taken at www.aglobalexperiment.com  $3, $9, $22, $55 – whatever value you want but please do leave share something.  You can also invite others to join in through your social media.  share this link.     http://www.aglobalexperiment.com                  Please Invite others to experience this program – – suggestion donation equal to one hour of your salary or at lest the cup of a convenience coffee – Starbucks, Pete’s, Seattles’ Dunkin Donuts.. you can tell I love coffee!  Actually lately I’m semi-hooked on  ‘Dirty chai’ drinks!  YUM.  Okay… just add love to your eating and drinking and slow down, be mindful and happy    Moon &  Sun in Taurus.  

Healing Event: Full Moon/Sunday 11/13/16 @ telephone conference
Nov 13 @ 5:15 pm – 6:00 pm
Healing Event: Full Moon/Sunday 11/13/16 @ telephone conference | Park River | North Dakota | United States

Call in – Heal the wounds.   Join in this important global meditation lead by JacQuaeline –  Tonight is a Full Moon.  Utilize this wave of energy to
power the group intention for global, community and personal healing,
balance, heart centered integration that is so needed on the planet today.   The power is in the cohesive group efforts.  Join us.

Healing  +   Peace +  Love  +  Balance +  Uplifted Values +  Stability

call in phone #  1-712-832-8300, code: 23432#

New Moon – Gift to Self
Nov 29 @ 5:15 pm – 5:45 pm

Today:  Nov. 29th, New Moon Global Meditation.

Pass it on.  Join us.  Its a way to serve humanity.
Its a way to better yourself.
Create Calm, Focus,Peace, Joy.   Thank YOU!
Namaste, JacQuaeline

Call in:  1-712-832-8300   code: 23432#

Donations accepted:


Last Full Moon 2016 – DO THIS! @ call: 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#
Dec 13 @ 5:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Last Full Moon 2016 - DO THIS! @ call: 1-712-832-8300, code 23432#

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016   End your year with gusto!  Or, at the very lease a calm feeling inside.  This is the final Full Moon this year.  Join via phone: 1-712-832-8300, code: 23432# call in at 5:15pm pacific time for this focused special time to connect.

Release, realize, connect and center – gift yourself this powerful moment of inner peace.  Join me, JacQuaeline for this final Full Moon of 2016.

There is a LOT of fear, stress, concern and change in life in general right now.

This 15 minutes guided meditation will address these issues.  For those who want to take it to a deeper level, I will be giving the “Clear 2016 ~ Set 2017 in 90 minutes” program several times between now and the end of the year.

Announcements and details will be given to those who are on this live call on Tuesday.

Happy Holidays,

In loving light,  JacQuaeline

next events:

12/13/16   5:15pm Pacific  Full Moon Guided Global Link

12/21/16   5:15pm Pacific – Winter Solstice (extended program)

12/28/16  5:15pm Pacific – New Moon Guided Global Link

Sunday March 12, Global Link Meditation @ call 1-712-832-8300 code: 34543#
Mar 12 @ 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Call in, feel the power of the live, extended group gathering from many distant places.  Be the anchor for your neighborhood or town.

Let the group send energy to and through YOU, and add your divine light love thoughts to theirs.

Together me make a bigger difference.

This is real empowerment work, healing work, growth work.
Thank you for sharing this with friends and contacts.

Blessings,  JacQuaeline    (Join us – you’ll FEEL the difference!)