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Personal/Professional Intuitive Consulting & Forecast Readings

Its always a good time for a powerful intuitive reading with a gifted trained/tested psychic who has an amazing track record of both consulting and training others.

..Want some insight into a situation?

.. Need a new perspective or insight into something or someone ?

..Feel a bit stuck or frustrated?

…Wondering if this is the BEST TIME to make a move, to invest, to quit?  Or, could it be time to increase your investments?

Would you like clarity on what to charge?

Wonder where to find your next job?

Are you curious about a love relationship?

If you are wanting to work with a professional intuitive (psychic) who has a long impressive track record for accuracy, someone who is stable and healthy then you are in the right place.

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JacQuaeline is a accurate, Intuitive Mystic, Professional Clairvoyant.   Her career giving ‘readings’ began only after years of specific training which started in 1975.  She was taught meditation and psychometry (art of picking up recorded impressions from the past off of objects.)  That training accelerated during 1977-1982.  By 1982 JacQuaeline was working full time in the field of Metaphysics – teaching, consulting, training others and a bit of healing work thrown in.

JacQuaeline was skillfully and specifically trained to give meaningful, purpose driven, soul level readings.  She was initially trained to work with people in 1977.   Studying with mystic masters for the next three years (almost daily training) she finally graduated from the intensive accelerated program and left a normal job in 1982 to open the ‘Triune Light Center.’   There she taught personal development, Spiritual growth, psychic and intuitive spiritual development full time.  In 1986 she was invited to host a radio talkshow on 93.5 FM – KFOX: Your Talk Alternative from Redondo Beach; radio broadcast to So. California. The Show continued till the station was purchased and the programming completely shifted.   The show had broadened  her reach to hundreds of thousands of listeners in Southern California with her weekly shows, “Magical Moments” and eventually ‘Visionaries In Business’ talk show.  After that her show was broadcast on KIEV and KYPA – Nightingale Conant’s Flagship station called Your Personal Achievement Radio with her show called “Visionaries In Business”.  In 1995 she opened a coaching business to broaden her ability to give personal support to people in both the spiritual development arena and in business development.

You can gain insights, clarity and perspective for personal issues, health, life direction, career, soul growth though a good reading.   The problem is there are too many people who are ‘out there’ in more ways then one.  There are too many intuitives and psychics that just give generic or general messages or their timing of predictions are totally off.

JacQuaeline has a long successful track record of accuracy, compassion and able to translate ‘esoteric messages’ into practical – down to earth usable information.

DETAILS ON WHAT A READING CONSISTS –   below.. any questions, contact JacQuaeline direct.  This is a big investment of time and money.. and these sessions are NOT for entertainment purposes.  She works with energy – thought forms, emotional patterns.  These sessions can make a difference in your life.  Gain insight, heal, move forward, get inspired, put issues to rest and feel harmony inside.  This is the ultimate goal… live a fuller, happier, healthier life HERE & NOW.

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NOT for everyone. . .Past Life “Immortality Consultation”   Approx. 3 hours of work – one hour for JacQuaeline to prepare the work followed by two hours consultation where she works with you to help unravel emotions and deep patterns of fears, issues and thought forms which are in your energy field, mind and body.  AND/or to help to activate or RE-activate talents, knowledge and abilities that you’ve already learned or earned from your past.   For those who are getting to JacQuaeline through this page, hopefully you have participated in some of the global link healing meditation work.   She will work with you on a payment plan if necessary and offers the following sliding scale discount $1100 – $625   (normally start at $1100.)  application required for Immortality Consult  call: 310-710-8126 during business hours, pacific time zone.


What is an Immortality Consultation?    Details on this will be added soon to this page.  Some people are shocked at her prices; while others realize… if it took me several years of therapy to get to the bottom of these issues.. or even a few months…. and if this session might help me move forward … then that price is a huge bargain.  But ALSO, the idea of helping to confirm or even activate some true potentials..  talents, knowledge, abilities that you’ve already learned or earned through past live experiences.. this is invaluable.  It all about time and the quality of life here and now.    That’s why it normally ‘starts’ at $1100.  For those who have the financial where with all, its a bargain and its totally okay to donate what your feel the real value is…. and sometimes that comes weeks or months after when it all settles in and you’ve reviewed the audio recordings.  Anyway,  we’ll post more details about the actual reading here as time goes on.   In the mean time…. ANY  Questions, contact JacQuaeline (see below)I will say this.  The session covers:Your Soul Mission,  Life PathKarmic Challenges for this lifetime, the ones you’ve already learned from the past that you could benefit from.A list of 6 people who you know or have known (you provide this list).  From there we cover who that person was in a past life; what the karma was/is about – good or bad.  How best to move forward with this information, application, integration.You also bring in specific questions into your reading consultation.  More details on the session, don’t hesitate to email:   SUBJECT LINE:  Past Life Question AGE  The Immortality Consultation sessions are intended for people who are on the spiritual path; they are non-demoninational and truly are intended for healing, inspiration and to help activate or focus your own creative genius.