Meditation Course


A Fifteen Day Challenge


Do you have a daily meditation practice?

Is your meditation deep, meaningful and profound?


Meditation has been taught throughout the ages.

JacQuaeline has put together a training support system that will transform you as you work to balance your body, mind and emotions in order to awaken new levels of awareness and creativity.

Meditation can help you

  • increase energy and improve health.
  • reduce stress
  • improve relationships
  • increase positive intuition
  • give you answers and insights
  • provide guidance
  • give insights and understanding
  • expand your spiritual experiences

Meditation is NOT a TRIP. It’s a discipline.

“Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening for the answers.” Walter Russell, author “The Secret of Light” & “The Universal ONE”

Being of a nature to have a busy mind is a blessing and a curse. To be so hi on life that you forget to sleep because you can’t let go of the mental dominos after the first is tipped, even with the best of tranquilizers, can weigh and wear you down. Doing this for long periods of time can and does fatigue even the strongest of diehards. Then came a little voice projected from a little box that goes round and round. Sort of like my mind when it is perusing my hard drive of a mental searching for just the right expression to put into print.

The little angelic voice was multidimensional in its broadcast through my earphones. I knew this person in the vernacular as a long time friend. Now however it was someone else, not the JacQuaeline I knew but rather a whisper of the universe slowly lovingly gliding and guiding me to a point of tranquil softness. The attraction to the commands seemed as if I were being pulled like a butterfly to an open flower. The daily routine stumbled aimlessly out of my grasp to land in a heap of things to get to later, if their importance still exists. The simplicity of the commands to visualize color and light took me to a destination with the infinite powers of eternal wisdom. Caressing me as if I were an infant of a universal Goddess of all loving either.

This long term friend has someway or other captured her majesty of vocal hypnosis to encapsulate the hold to time and space that I enslaved myself to. She no longer resembled a human structure that I am well aware of. Her voice, like the strings of a harp, were penetrating along side the rhythmic sounds of stereophonic lightness that embezzled their message to let go. My minds software package to truly accomplish the mission at hand was now resting on a billowy cloud. If your goal is to get a piece and quite opportunity, I can only beseech you to explore these masterfully recorded dual edged swords to cut through the thoughts of the day. The meditational white noise sounds of peaceful bliss and the harmonics of the oceanic ebbs and flows are a giant step toward achieving nothingness and JacQuaeline has captured this on tape. Just for you.

“Thank you for reintroducing me to a place I arrived at so many years ago by disciplining myself to meditate 10 to 12 hours a day for 6 months way back then. Through time and many mental pictures later I had thought that I had lost it and would take forever to get back to that place in meditation heaven. (With JacQuaeline’s program ) It only took 21 days to replicate that dimension. Wow!!”

Thanks again, your pal;
Richard D. Utt L. Ac.

Richard Utt was an amazing being.  He developed Applied Physiology, an advanced healing system that spread around the world, mainly in Europe and Australia.  I met Richard in the early 1980’s.  He made his transition during the ‘gateway’ event known as 11/11/11.  He passed on Nov. 12, 2011.   A powerful being, teaching love, kindness and a powerful ‘system’ to heal others.

JacQuaeline spent several years teaching the year long Home Study Course called, “Universal Law, Science and Philosophy” created by Walter and Lao Russell. Sprinkled throughout this year long course was bits and pieces of instructions on how to meditate in order to gain the best results; based on scientific principles of how energy, light and consciousness manifest.

Walter Russell was known as a Creative Genius. During his 40 day illumination experience as an adult, he had a type of out of body experience where he was shown or taught the source of life in the universe. He said he talked with god and was given scientific information about how light manifests, how light become matter as we know it. He said, God said to him, “‘I cause all things to be by centering them from within and controlling them from without.” The home study course describes and explains that concept. But instead of studying the year long course, start with a simple meditation program that is based on that course.

This program, The Art of Meditation : A Fifteen Day Challenge was created as a result of Jacquaeline teaching this course, year after year.


Affirmations don’t work for most people!

Meditation does! Especially when you learn how to get into a still place – quiet, silence.

This program trains your brain to slow down and be still.

You train your mind to slow down and be quiet.

Out of the silence come the answers!


This program will help improve your health, improve your concentration, increase inner peace and, if you use it as suggested, can bring a ‘light’ and ‘joy’ on a daily basis…  Release the heavy, sad, bad, fear.   Plus, you can use it over and over and over again for years to come… Would that be worth a $97 investment? We think so. In fact, we think it would be worth $970 or possibly even $9,700.!
It really is priceless. We have literally hundreds of comments from both beginner and advanced meditation students – they all agree.. this program is outstanding, fantastic, incredible.


Why meditate at all?

In this competitive world, you NEED an INTUITIVE ADVANTAGE!

Today we need to combat stress from pollution in our air, water, food; from

mental overstimulation, too much traffic, bad news being reported day after day.

We are being bombarded with negativity daily.


One proven method that will energetically boost your defense system on all levels is DAILY MEDITATION.

In just fifteen days, you will see a positive shift in your life when you use this program as directed.

It’s simple to do. Follow the SIMPLE instructions in the booklet and turn on the CD or listen to the MP3. It will guide you through a fifteen minute program. Do one a day for fifteen days.


Can Meditation impact my finances?

YES!     Seriously – YES!

Many people have dramatically changed their financial ‘money blueprint’ through focus. The concept is, what you focus on expands. People teach – affirmations. If you are like many others – affirmations have not been working… why? because they are superficial. And, oftentimes they are ‘left brain’ thinking process. You must go past the subconscious mind, go deeper into your right brain and even past that.

Go through the basic fifteen day training. Then use the same techniques and substitute the daily focus on income and financial abundance goals. We ask that you do the first fifteen days as directed so that you set a general foundation and do the basic clearing, releasing blocks, negative thought forms and patterns that might be holding you back. Then, start manifesting the things you desire through the same process with focus! Positive things happen fast!

– More on money –

When we talk about making money we think of Outer strategies. We can do research and try to figure out what stock to buy, what property to get, where to invest and how to develop our business systems.

But the truth of the matter is your outer world is a result of your inner world. It’s a hard concept to get totally.

T. Harv Eker, founder of Peak Potentials Training and author of best selling book, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” is constantly saying “it’s the ROOTS that create the FRUITS.”

The roots are not visible unless you dig up the plant. Your spirit, that invisible part of your is what we’re focusing on in these meditations. The Art of Meditation is like transplanting your roots to new fertile ground.

Don’t wait any longer.


What about my religion?


This program is spiritual and scientifically based.
The science of how the mind works – conscious, subconscious and superconscious,
right brain/ left brain, whole brain function were all taken into consideration when this program was created.
The music was specifically developed in order to create a specific brain wave function and balance the chakra system.

(Chakras are energy force centers referenced in eastern medicine and both ancient and modern teachings of spiritual growth by yogis and healers and gurus) Religious mysticism encourages meditation and this program gives you a fast foundation that is safe and universal in nature.


1) Art of Meditation: a fifteen day challenge – training to relax, tune inward and become centered, still and powerful!

The results is astounding. Fast. Simple to do. In just five weeks your Intuition Power will be a magical autopilot for your success. Details below.


STRESS BLOCKS higher, positive Intuition & Meditation is a solution to stress!

A Solution to Stress:

The Art of Meditation -a fifteen day program that will make a major impact on your life. Audio and workbook. The audio program gives you four powerful guided meditations, suitable for both beginning and advanced meditators. Each 15 minute program guides you to a deeper level every time you use it. Tap into your own inner wisdom where you will find peace, creative solutions, and perhaps, touch upon the Divine.

“JacQuaeline casts a gentle life enhancing enchantment over her listeners. With her meditations, she positively mesmerizes you into uplifted states of being, doing, and having.”– Mark Victor Hansen, author of Best Selling, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”



Thanks for your time. Best wishes from my heart to yours.



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I now believe in setting intentions before I got to sleep… Karen Nagumo

Learn to set Intentions and GET RESULTS FAST!

I heard JacQuaeline speak about setting intentions for when you go to sleep. I thought it was a bit on the wo-woo side of things but I figured it couldn’t hurt and it might even work. A few weeks prior to hearing JacQuaeline I had become a foster mother to two cats. Every night since I had had them they’d wake me up several times at night by walking on me. That night I set my intention of getting a good night’s sleep and not waking up until my alarm went off. When the alarm went off the next morning I couldn’t believe that my intention actually came true. I thought it was just a coincidence. I did it the next two nights in a row with the same results. On the fourth night I didn’t set that intention and the cats woke me up. I’ve set other intentions and they have all occurred. Now I believe in setting intentions before I go to sleep. I tell my friends about it and I do it every night now. My name is Karen Naguomo, licensed massage practitioner, Desmoins Washington.




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