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Co-Create a Better World – Global Healing/Activation Meditations via Phone or Skype .  Join in & Make a Difference!

 Join JacQuaeline as she guides the group to a special place in awareness where you may experience a conscious alignment with oneness, enlightenment, clearing and healing.  Release daily stresses, fears, issues as you breathe in harmony with the group from far away places.  Each meditation lasts approx. 15 minutes in length followed by 15 minutes Q & A with JacQuaeline)

Event Calendar 2017 – every New Moon & Full Moon

Dates and times listed further down this page.

 Sunday, 3/26/17 @ 5pm Pacific
CALL IN Phone#:  1-712-832-8300, code: 34543#

Everything is energy. Financial Contributions based on your ability to care & share. What you put out comes back to you multiplied. Set your intention, do it with love. 

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